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What is Three Legged Hill?
Jerry Waite and Michael Gerholdt are Three Legged Hill
Three Legged Hill is a musical duo focusing on the artistry of acoustic guitar and vocals, based in western New York, USA. Their repertoire spans genres and is certainly eclectic, yet remains solidly rooted in familiar blues-rock-pop-folk territory. You will hear music you know as well as some surprises, with a few originals in the mix. Three Legged Hill as a performing duo may be new on the scene in 2018, but each member brings decades of devotion to the craft and art of music and guitar.
The Walking Three Legged Hill
Who is Three Legged Hill?
Picture of Jerry Waite
Jerry Waite
Jerry "Lefty" Waite
Big Lefty Waite is a self-taught musician who gravitated to the guitar at a young age. Whether he is playing in a band, recording his personal work, or mixing songs for friends, he is constantly surrounding himself with music. He currently resides in a small Western New York town where he continues to write, play, and record his own music while forming collaborative projects. Among fellow musicians, Jerry is appreciated for his skill. His spectacular guitar leads draw attention from every audience and make Three Legged Hill one of the area's "not to be missed" acts.
Three Legged Hill playing outside
Picture of Michael Gerholdt
Michael Gerholdt
Michael Gerholdt
Also primarily self-taught, Michael Gerholdt enjoys playing a smattering of traditional music, acoustic blues, American primitive, folk, rock and pop. Much has his own imprint to accommodate a fingerstyle approach to the guitar, which contributes to Three Legged Hill's distinctive sound. From pre-war Piedmont blues, the Delmore Brothers and Doc Watson, Ry Cooder and classic folk-rock artists too numerous to list, influences are broad and deep. Without losing sight of the original, a personal interpretation breathes new life into the music of our times.

Some of the repertoire of Three Legged Hill is origional material by Gerholdt, who is also the duo's primary vocalist. .
Three Legged Hill playing outside